Nacho Monreal shows he’s got the skills to pay the bills


Nacho Monreal is doing his best to prove he could be the world’s most skillful defender.

Monreal has been showing off his skills in and around Arsenal’s training ground, doing all sorts of tricks with a football.

One clip Monreal posted on his Facebook page shows him putting the ball between the legs of Hector Bellerin from 20 yards as his team-mate walked across a room at the training ground with his eyes fixed on his mobile phone.

And in another clip posted on Alexandre Lacazette’s Twitter account, Monreal is seen doing several trick shots including scoring several goals from standing behind the goal to the amazement of his team-mates including Jack Wilshere.

They are the sort of skills you would associate with Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and as Lacazette tweeted: “Messi’s watching his videos before games.”

Gone are the days when the Arsenal back four used training to practice standing still with their arms in the air appealing for offside.

Source: By PA Sport Staff

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